We are so happy to announce that we are offering classic eyelash extension certification courses! Local classes will be held at Buck + Doe Beauty and are available with group dates or private sessions. 

Please reach out to to inquire or register!

Founder: Shyy Kennedy (Morphet)

"My personal lash journey started in 2012, when I was certified a just a few short months after finishing my esthetics diploma program. Upon graduating from college, I knew immediately that I wanted to get in on this new trend that everybody had been raving about. Making the choice to take the additional training to become certified was life and career changing for me.

Following my initial certification, doing eyelash extensions was a nightmare for me.

The adhesives weren't good, my training wasn't as great as I thought it would be, I was having issue after issue. I didn't have any support from the company or the educator that certified me. If I'm being honest, I completely gave up doing eyelash extensions for almost 6 months in 2014.

In true "Shyy" fashion, I put on my big girl pants and for the following 2 years, I invested any extra money I had into all of the courses, webinars, new products and new techniques. I reached out to other lash artists in Canada. I pushed myself into the lash community, I was all in! Eventually, I found products that worked for me, I found techniques and styles that were above anything I had seen. While this was happening, I didn't even realize that I had slowly established myself as a talented, knowledgable and confident lash technician. I've developed a style of simplicity and I can't help but focus on the fine details that make even the most subtle sets of lashes just right.

Fast forward to 2022,, I now own and operate a small but mighty beauty and wellness studio in the heart of my hometown.. I have educated and certified numerous lash techs, I have instructed an entire esthetics college program. I have created my own training manuals and courses in both lashes and waxing services, top knotch services and protocols and I employ an amazing team of nail technicians, skincare specialists, eyelash technicians and estheticians. Adding my own product line just felt like the next step and I won't use anything other than these products on my clients. It just feels right.