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Nano Mister

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Do I really need to use one of these though? Our opinion is.. YEP, you really do. 

The majority of adhesives contain an ingredient called Cyanoacrylate, an active ingredient that must polymerize (a chemical reaction that turns a liquid to a solid) for the lash glue to dry/cure. For the polymerization process to occur, hydrogen(water) must be present and perfect humidify must be reached, which is where the Nano-Mister comes in. A Nano-Mister is used by spraying misted water that it activates the curing process through polymerization and allows the glue to dry/cure faster than it typically would through hydrogen in the humidity in the air. Do you know what else this means? Clients no longer have to avoid water for 24hrs after their set!! 

Pro Tip; You can mist lightly throughout the appointment to cure lash adhesive faster and to prevent any burning or stinging sensations your client may experience. Remember not to over saturate and ensure everything is completely dry before lashing. 


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