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Pre-Treatment & Primer

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This amazing pre-treatment and eyelash primer is ideal for dissolving any oils and removing any debris or residue from natural lashes prior to any eyelash service, including eyelash extensions and lash lifts and tints. Using our pre-treatment and primer will result in a top-notch bond between any extensions and the natural eyelash. 

How we use it:

1. Cleanse the natural lashes using Lash Bath.

2. Apply eye pads to your client to protect the delicate skin around their eyes.

3. Using a microbrush or flocked applicator, apply the pre-treatment and primer to remove all oils and protein from the natural lash. Only use a small amount.

4. Allow to dry completely before applying extensions.

 Do not allow product to come into contact with skin, rinse immediately if irritation occurs. 


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